Putting bedsharing babies in the picture

 Bedsharing Image Resource Bedsharing is becoming quite a common occurance in the UK with parents bringing their babies into bed, either to get more sleep, to breastfeed, or for a variety of reasons. Professer Helen Ball at the Infant Sleep Information Source, and the Parent Sleep Lab at Durham University, works hard to provide factual […]

Infant Sleep Information Source Image Resource

I approached Professor Helen Ball at Infant Sleep Info Source who is one of the world’s leading infant sleep experts. I had an idea they could get together a resource of images showing safe, natural, images of bedsharing. In the media there are lots of bad exmaples used, and I wanted to help be a […]

Back to School Magazine Feature

Ooo we made it in the June issue of Back to School magazine in the “Are We There Yet?” section which gives you ideas to help keep the little ones interested on long journeys. This is such a great magazine! I cannot believe I’ve only just found it now as a parent. There’s great ideas […]

Review from Blogger Adele Jarrett-Kerr

Back in May we had a fantastic blogger called Adele Jarrett-Kerr from Bristol listen to our music and tried it out. She is still using our music to settle her little ones and tweeting about us. If you missed her original blog about us and our music you can read it here at www.circusqueen.co.uk This […]

The Baby Spot Review of EVA

The Baby Spot have wrote a fantastic review, giving a different take on EVA – Sensory Soundscapes. The Baby Spot which is an online magazine for parents, guardians and grandparents alike! You can read articles about everything from the latest places for families to go with their babies, children and teenagers, interesting recipes for your […]

Lovely Reviews of EVA on Amazon

We have had some amazing reviews about our e.p EVA – Sensory Soundscapes on Amazon: “Read them here on Amazon” By Anne on 22 Jun. 2015 Format: MP3 Download A great idea. The tracks aren’t like anything I’ve heard before and perfect fdistracting and soothing an overtired little one. By Dmplus2 on 19 Jun. 2015 […]

CHSW Charity Work

Did you know that we donate 5% of our sales of EVA – Sensory Soundscapes CD that’s been bought on our website? We do So if you are thinking of buying it from iTunes or any other of the major online stores just be aware that if you buy the physical CD direct from us […]

Mojomums Interview

I recently did an interview with Mojomums website in their section “Profile of a Working Mum”. They are also running a competition for us where you can win one of our CDs. Lovely people to work with. http://mojomums.co.uk/emma-ridley-director-of-my-first-beats/

Competition to Win our CD

Would you like the chance to win one of our CD’s of our debut EP? One of five EVA – Sensory Soundscapes are up for grabs at Mojomums. All you have to do is comment with the name of our child who inspired My First Beats and features on the music tracks Competition ends 30th […]

My First Beats featuring in The Star

Our Story Our first newspaper article on our story. A lovely double page spread in The Star, written by Gael Stigent. “Forget Hickory Dickory Dock – babies are immersed in a world of music before they are born as they dance to the most basic beat of life: the heartbeat.”… Read more at: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/business/business-news/listen-baby-eva-s-heartbeats-inspire-south-yorkshire-parents-enterprise-1-7270574

Listen to our EP – EVA

Have a  listen to our tracks from our debut E.P – Eva (Sensory Soundscapes). You can buy this E.P as a CD from My First Beats or digitally through most major online stores. If you buy from our website 5% of that website will go to Children’s Hospice South West Eva – Sensory Soundscapes E.P: […]

Sine FM

We have put our radio interview from the Feel Good Factor Show at SIne FM up on Soundcloud for you all to listen if you missed it the first time around:  

Bonding With Your Baby Before Birth

This article shows some fantastic ways to bond with your baby before their birth by the synchronisation of your heartbeat along with your baby’s own heartbeat. I did this with Eva and with Oakley when I was pregnant. The maternal heart rate varies from 60 – 100 beats per minute and the foetus varies from […]

Feel Good Factor – Sine FM

We had a great time as guests on the Feel Good Factor Show with Gail Powell at Sine FM. We had such a great time and Gail made us feel extremely welcome. As you can see we took our newest addition, Oakley, with us too. We hoped we could capture him babbling and gurgling along […]

Toddler Art

Does your toddler love drawing random lines and squiggles? This mum turned them into lovely pieces of art: http://www.boredpanda.com/artist-turns-childrens-drawings-into-paintings/ I really need to brush up on my art skills and get doing something similar!

Last week to preorder!

Last week to preorder from either: iTunes for an exclusive offer of £3.99 with an instant download of Little Explorer Our website for the CD for £5 which 5% of the sale will be donated to Children’s Hospice South West & you will receive before the launch date so you get to hear it all […]

Our Journey So Far

Eva’s Song When I was pregnant we recorded Eva’s foetal heartbeats and my husband Ben created Eva’s Song. This developed as she got older when he included her babbles to what it is now. We used it not just as a memory keepsake but also as a tool to help soothe her. I played it […]

Babies Remember Music Played in the Womb

Babies remember music played in the womb. The ear first appears in the 3rd week of gestation. By the 16th week it is fully functional. Around the 24th week they actively listen and respond to sounds. Researchers also say that foetal auditory learning becomes possible by 27 weeks of pregnancy. Out of all of the […]

About My First Beats

December 26th, 2012, our new world began when our little girl, Eva, arrived in our lives. The days, and weeks began flying by in the chaos of being new parents, and we almost forgot to stop and enjoy the special little moments right in front of us. We began recording the funny, cute little giggles […]