December 26th, 2012, our new world began when our little girl, Eva, arrived in our lives.

The days, and weeks began flying by in the chaos of being new parents, and we almost forgot to stop and enjoy the special little moments right in front of us. We began recording the funny, cute little giggles and laughs that our little one was gifting us, and compiled them with the foetal heartbeats that we recorded before she was born.

We didn’t want to lose our memory of what our daughter’s early laughter, babbles, and first words sounded like. The funny little way she mispronounced things as she was trying to learn a new word, which made us smile so much. Photographs can capture a moment, but it was the sounds that we wanted to preserve in music. To listen to, and take us right back to those special, fleeting memories.

Emma’s family heritage in Green Monk Toys and Ben’s experience in creating music for film and television paved the way to recording “Eva’s Song” – an upbeat track using our girls foetal heartbeat and babbles weaved creatively into a timeless, living keepsake for us and family. Something that we would want to listen to time and time again, and Eva could enjoy as a sensory soundscape.

Eva’s focused reaction to the song during play, journeys in the car, and as part of her bedtime routine led us to play it to other children. The positive feedback we had from parents made us look into it further, realising that this could not only be a cherished keepsake but also have a positive influence on infants in happy play and calming sleep.

We wanted to provide the world with a new and exciting choice in baby music, and also to give the option of customising the tracks with your own precious moments.

Our dream is to help develop a community of forward-thinking parents devoted to helping one another, and joining us on this exciting journey.

We cannot wait for you to accompany us on our new adventure…

Em, Ben, Eva & Oakley x