Before birth we are already in a natural world of rhythm, and sound in which we begin to learn, and remember. The beautiful beat of the human heart, the flow of each breath, and the pattern of footsteps heard, all start to form the basic rhythm of life.

The response of a baby to a heartbeat is something that is nurtured in the womb and beyond. Infants react to the soothing heartbeat of their parents through close, loving, skin contact when first born. It can calm them unlike anything else. My First Beats® recreates this environment with the sound of a heartbeat set to beautiful soundscapes, which have a positive effect on babies and toddlers.

Infants develop at an incredible rate, responding to the language of their environment. My First Beats® have woven babbles into the music which gives the child something to recognise. They enjoy babbling back, engaging with the music in the same way that you or I would sing along to our favourite song.

Check out My First Beats® Showreel to see how we creatively fuse the sound of our own child’s foetal heartbeat with music, and include the sounds of her babbles and laughter.

For optimal effect use speakers or headphones that can emphasise the bass line of the heartbeat..